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       Zinc plated + Powder Coating Finish

1 )  Available wire rack as follows:  ( wire gap: 20mm ; wire diameter :6.0/4.5/3.0mm)  :


inch 14"x14 18"x14" 21"*14" 24"x14" 30"x14" 36"x14" 42"x14" 48"x14" 54"x14" 60"x14" 72"x14"
mm 355x355 457x355 533x355 609x355 760x355 907x355 1060x355 1215x355 1370x355 1518x355 1822x355
inch   18"x18" 21"x18" 24"x18" 30"x18" 36"x18" 42"x18" 48"x18" 54"x18" 60"x18" 72"x18"
mm   457x457 533x457 609x457 760x457 907x457 1060x457 1215x457 1370x457 1518x457 1822x457
inch     21"x21" 24"x21" 30"x21" 36"x21" 42"x21" 48"x21" 54"x21" 60"x21" 72"x21"
mm     533x533 609x533 760x533 907x533 1060x533 1215x533 1370x533 15180x533 1822x533
inch       24"x24" 30"x24" 36"x24" 42"x24" 48"x24" 54"x24" 60"x24" 72"x24"
mm       609x609 760x609 907x609 1060x609 1215x609 1370x609 1518x609 1822x609



2 ) Available Posts as follows ; ( Post dia.: 25.4*1.0mmt , 25.4x1.2mmt  , 25.4*1.4mm)


       700mm  740mm  800mm  900mm  1000m  1100mm  1200mm  1300mm  1400mm  1500mm  1600mm  1700mm

       1800mm  1900mm 2000mm 2100mm 2200mm 


       Special non-standard sizes can be customized



3 )  Available Surface Finish as follows: 


       Stainless steel


       Chrome  plated          


       Powder coating               


       Poly-Z-Brite  ( Zinc plated +  Transparent powder coating )


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About Us




Haili Logistics System Equipment Co., Limited is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of storage racks in Southern China. Established in 1999, we have 20 advanced production lines and passed ISO9001:2008 certification. read more

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